iNEW7 by Walker Themes – Give your phone a brand NEW look!

There are a few theme developers that I think truly enjoy what they do. And you can tell. By the quality of their themes and how well they are designed and function. Walker Themes is one of them. His latest creation, iNEW7 is a simple theme, but it still has attention to details and runs ever so smooth. Get the iOS UI feel on your Blackberry with this iPhone replica theme. The icons are almost all custome skinned with the new icons from iOS. I love em. Read on and make your device NEW again:)

Default Home Screen

The default layout and background is simple and classy. A very clean top banner, with a large clock. Here’s a little of the attention to detail I was talking about. Set your clock to 12hr mode, and the am/pm are shown as stacked vs the regular way it usually shows. The banner also has a beveled look to it, that makes it look quite elegant, I think. The very top banner is where your meters and battery are and they too are iPhone style. Attention to detail. Very nicely done.

Custom iphone skinned icon set

And here are those awesome icons! I love the look of them and it’s a pleasant change from the usual OS6 or OS7 icons.
Almost a complete skinned set for you to enjoy. The menu is a transparent blue color. All these little things together make it a theme to keep!

Home Screen with user wallpaper

Without TB7, developers such as Walker Themes are doing their best to give us options and various looks for our Blackberry’s. Kudos to them for making us all happy. I can’t imagine what they could come up with if they had the proper tools. Are you listening, RIM? Ringwalker has another hit. Following up on the popular BEAT series, he has delivered another great theme. So don’t wait! Grab it now while it’s on sale for $1.99 at AppWorld. Available for OS5, 6 and 7.
C’mon be bold, get a NEW look with iNEW7:)