Image of the BlackBerry Passport’s leather flip cases surfaces

Passport Flip Cover Case

If you’re wondering if there will be any official accessories to go along with the upcoming BlackBerry Passport, good news – an image has surfaced on CrackBerry which shows off two leather flip cases.

It’s no surprise that BlackBerry is going all guns blazing with the BlackBerry Passport – this includes specs too. It’s good to see them considering such accessories which go along with the “business” attribute attached to the Passport and the BlackBerry branding. The two above look very sexy. Although I’ve never been one to consider accessories including cases in general, a flip case like the one above may end up being my first one. I can only imagine there will be a white coloured flip case to along with the white BlackBerry Passport¬†

As of now, there is no pricing regarding the cases and news on other accessories.

Source: CrackBerry