HUB ++ LED Notifications now on sale for March Madness


If you have been on the fence about grabbing a great LED notification app for your BlackBerry 10 device then now is the time to make your move. The developer from HUB ++ LED Notifications has let us know that since the app is part of the BlackBerry World campaign in the Asia Pacific he will place it on sale for just $1.99 (normally $2.99). As we all know already sales are always welcome so thanks to Devcellent Solutions for having this one.

Check out all these great features:

  • No more active frames; runs silently in background (Requires OS 10.2.1.x and higher)
  • Integrated with system notification profiles (Silent, Normal etc.)
  • Supports WhatsApp, BBM, Skype, WeChat
  • Supports Email, Work Email, Calendar, SMS, Phone
  • Supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Compose your own LED/Vibrate pattern with unique LED keyboard
  • Audio and Patterned Vibrate notifications
  • Customize notifications down to the bones per Account or per Contact
  • Contact Rules allow for matching based on sender, to, cc, subject and content keywords
  • Contact Rules can also take auto actions such as Mark Read, Flag, Forward and Delete
  • Flip to Shush or dismiss notifications
  • Network coverage notifications

Here’s even more features:

  • Clean and Stunning UI built in Cascades Native Platform
  • Vibrate on call connected and disconnected
  • Many LED color combos to choose from
  • Choose Disco patterns
  • Choose Disco speed
  • Queued notifications for simultaneous LED alerts
  • Over 40 preloaded audio alerts
  • Choose your own audio notifications
  • Choose system audio notifications
  • Set the audio alerts to loop forever
  • Custom vibration lengths and patterns

This sale starts today and runs through March 20th so be sure to grab this great app now and save some money in the process. Once you do hit up the comments below and let us know how the app is doing for you.