How to Run Your Online Business from Your Phone

We have the power of the world in the palm of our hands at all time. Today’s mobile phone is more powerful than desktop computers that came out just years ago. This means that we have the ability to do a lot while on the go.

Whether you are taking some time off to enjoy a vacation with your family, or you have to travel for a day for a business meeting, sometimes you have to run your online business from your phone.

Thanks to technology this is now very possible to do. Now, while I wouldn’t suggest trying to do it in a full-time situation, it can be done for a few days if need be. There are some restrictions that can prevent you from getting some tasks done at a reasonable rate of time.

Download Official Apps Rather Than Use a Mobile Browser

While most websites are optimized for mobile, a lot of reporting tools and marketing software is still difficult to operate and access 100% on a mobile device. It’s because of this that most of these tools and pieces of software introduce apps for mobile access.

“A program like Mailchimp has a standalone app, specific for working on your mobile device, so make sure you use the app rather than try to use a tool on mobile desktop,” says Chris Rush of custom sub box retailer HiFi Sound Connection.

Have Your Team Connected Via Slack

When you are on the go and only connected via your mobile device you want to make sure that you are constantly in the loop. Slack is a great way for teams to communicate and with most remote teams using this software, it makes it a great way to oversee everything while you are away.

This also makes it easy for employees and team members to contact you. The team members that all contribute to a BetEasy review blog might not want to call or text the owner fearing they might disrupt them, but if all questions and comments are in the Slack group that owner can then address them when they have time.

Keep a Laptop Close By (Hotspot)

Ok, so the goal is to run all operations just on your phone, but what happens if an emergency pops up? What if you need to get into your server via FTP? It’s always a good idea to carry a laptop with you at all times.

If you have a blog like this one here, and you monetize via ads then you won’t have to be on top of everything as much as you would be if you own an e-commerce store. In the case of an emergency you can use your phone’s internet as a hotspot and work via your laptop.

Remember That Communication is Key

“If you have to manage while on the go via your phone don’t forget that communication is key,” offers coolsculpting expert Darryl Howard. “Be sure to check in with your team on a regular basis. Video chat is great for this.”

Facetime is great if you are in the U.S., but if you are traveling internationally you can use WhatsApp, as its video call quality is great.