How to Learn to Code from Home

How to Learn to Code from Home

So, you want to learn how to code? Coding is a skill in which many are turning to for fun or for a means for income. There are a multitude of career avenues you can get into with coding knowledge and skill. 

There is an increasingly huge market for coders and anyone who has the artistic passion for creating and developing with a technical background. Schools are recognizing this need for future coders by incorporating coding into the curriculum.

But what if you have missed the boat to learn coding school? It’s Not too late as long as you are prepared to sink your teeth into some heavy material and put in the practice. First, you should choose a computer language to learn – Python and Javascript are two of the most favorable for web development and game creation, for example. 

Let’s take a look at how you could start your journey as a coder below.

Read Books

This may seem obvious, but finding books to help you learn are invaluable tools that you can keep open at the side of your computer and follow page by page instructions. They are a vast collection of coding for beginners’ books out there, choose one that suits your level or one that revolves around a specific programming topic. 

Start an Online Course 

As well as learning to code by using books, there are also specialized online courses available to you. 

Some are free, whereas others you need to pay for in a lump sum or a monthly plan. Some of the more popular courses give you a free trial, so you can be certain this is the course for you before going ahead and spending money. 


Another option for budding programmers is signing up for an already crafted toolkit that gives you advanced software to code alongside. These sites are a community of like-minded people and offer tutorials and helpful documents to allow you to create something with your new-found skill. 

For example, if you wish to construct video games, then the company Construct 3 has all of the bases covered for you to program any game you wish using their toolkit to support you along the way. These sites are also a useful platform to get paid for your efforts and offer you space to showcase your work. 

More often than not, these software sites also offer a free trial to anyone interested in signing up, and the bigger companies also offer software plans to schools for educational purposes.

Ready, Steady, Code!  

Other than the high earning opportunities a career in coding comes with, there are a multitude of other benefits that surround mastering this skill. Yes, it will take time, effort, and a little cash investment here and there, but what hobby or passion doesn’t? 

Learning to code isn’t easy, but finding the tools to help you is, so don’t delay, give these tips a try to learn how to code for the comfort of your own home.