How To Highlight, Cut, Copy, and Paste Using Your BlackBerry Z10 


We here at BlackBerry Empire know that many of you have been having some issues with something that seemed so easy to do on the BlackBerry legacy devices, and that’s the copy and paste feature on your BlackBerry Z10. Well the folks over at Inside BlackBerry Help Blog have a very nice how-to on the subject that we have come across and thought we should share with all of you.

I know for me it was a little bit of a learning curve to do something so basic and I’m happy to see this how-to. Hopefully it will make things easier for you as well.


To highlight, cut, copy and paste text, follow the steps below.

To highlight and select text

To highlight text, touch and hold the text. To change your selection, use one of the methods listed below:

To select all, tap and hold followed by tapping Select All

To shrink or expand your selection, move the cursor indicators manually

To select text automatically, continue holding your finger to increase the selection size, i.e. word > sentence > paragraph.



To cut, copy or paste text

To copy text, touch and hold the selected text followed by selecting Copy

To cut the text, touch and hold the selected text followed by selecting Cut


To paste, touch and hold where you want to paste text followed by selecting Paste


You can also copy and paste images, links, and more. For example, when you are using the browser and you find an image you’d like to send to a friend, you can use the Share feature to send the website address, or you can tap and hold the image, and within the menu that appears, you may have the option to copy the image address instead.

Thanks again to the folks at Inside BlackBerry Help Blog for this how-to, it has definitely helped me and I hope it will help all of you too. Let us know in the comments below if this makes things easier for you.