Houdini-You Can’t Escape a Great BlackBerry Theme

Theme Addiction has a great trick up his sleeve: a new theme called Houdini. And like the magician and escape artist Houdini, this theme will amaze you. Houdini includes a 12 icon dock, an OCD slot, a permanent slot for SMS and Messages and 4 customizable on-screen icons, as well as a Hidden Today.

Default home screen of Houdini

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Houdini’s home screen is like no other you have seen in a long while. At the very top, you have your notification bar that allows for lots of icons. Next is a banner with the OCD slot (BeWeather used here) and the clock, which is large enough to be read without reading glasses, thank you very much. Then you have two more banners at the bottom. The bottommost banner contains the date and if you click there, up pops your Calendar.

Houdini with user wallpaper

The most interesting banner is the third one on the screen, or right above the date. It’s magical really. There are two text icons: SMS and Messages that are permanent.  In between, the user may set 4 of his own icons. You can’t escape usefulness here! Just set slots 2-5 for the icons and they appear on the dock.

Houdini with 12 icon dock visible

Wow! Here’s the real trick! Hover over the little radio button next to SMS and it turns blue. Click and Presto! Out comes a 12 icon dock; all user customizable. To make the dock disappear, wave your magic wand by clicking the dot next to Messages. Don’t blink! The dock is gone.

App screen of Houdini

Houdini is made of a lovely shade of blue; a bit out of the ordinary default blue. Also, the icons are custom and very Windows-like. The focus icon is circular and in the screen shot above, you can see my BattEx icon is chosen with a circle around it. Don’t think you can escape class: this theme has it and enough to spare.

If you want the Hidden Today screen, scroll up to the OCD and then down to Messages and up pops your Today screen. Dismiss by scrolling up again.

Houdini with user wallpaper

Perform a magic trick of your own. Purchase and download Houdini by Theme Addiction today from our BBE Mobihand store for $1.99….well worth the low price.

Houdini; a magically stylish theme for your BlackBerry phone. Don’t let it disappear before your eyes! Try it out today!

Houdini with user wallpaper