Home Office Health Issues, Perhaps It’s Too dry

If you are used to living in a humid environment and then take a trip to somewhere that has very dry air. You may notice that your body is reacting badly to the lack of humidity. Chapped lips are one of the first symptoms, along with dry skin, and then maybe a sore throat. Many people experience nose bleeds as well. If you have recently moved from a climate-controlled office space and are now working from home, you might be experiencing some health issues, and the reason could be the lack of humidity. Modern offices are built for comfort and many have humidifiers as part of the circulation system. You might want to consider a humidifier for your own home, there are several benefits of increased humidity.

  • Easy Problem to Solve: If you do think that your air is too dry, you should know that adding humidity in most homes is usually a simple solution. There are several methods of increasing humidity, from low tech DIY bubblers, to leading edge technology. High quality electrode steam humidifier suppliers can be found through an Internet search.
  • Symptoms of Dry Air: Dry air can cause several issues, not only for people, but for your belongings too. Wood products can be easily damaged when moved from an area of high to low humidity. But your health is the most important issue. Dry skin is the biggest complaint, and it can lead to issues like rashes hives and psoriasis. Some people experience irritated eyes, coughing is common, and bleeding noses can become chronic in some people. Other problems are an increase in allergies, cracked lips, sinusitis, and dry sore throat. All these things take away from your productivity, and create a situation far removed from the ideal workspace environment. Despite the many advantages of working from home.
  • What is the Right Humidity? We are not all the same.  People who have adapted to dry air have different needs than people who come from humid regions. The right humidity is whatever works for you. But if you must find a happy medium with your co-inhabitants. Studies suggest 40 to 60% is the right amount of moisture to keep your skin and eyes comfortable yet not too much that it saps your energy. Too much humidity can cause its own problems, such as mould and an overall sense of exhaustion.
  • Air Conditioning: Some people turn to their air conditioner as soon as the temperature warms up. But if you live in a dry region, your air conditioner might simply be working as a dehumidifier. Sure, there temperature of the room will decrease, but air conditioning draws a lot of moisture from the air. And it might be the cause of your dry skin issues. Adding a humidifier to air conditioning will only use up a lot of energy and won’t be very effective at improving your comfort or health.

Finding out whether you have a dry air problem is a simple as purchasing a hygrometer and observing the percentage of moisture in the air. If it is lower than 40% you most likely would benefit from the addition of some type of humidifier. It might be just the thing you need to perfect your home office.