More Holiday Goodies_Free Scratch-Proof Skin for BlackBerry

One giveway, two giveaway, here’s a third!  We were able to get hooked up with a free cover from BodyGuardz for a BlackBerry device of your choice! Be it Bold, Curve, Torch, Storm – no worries, BodyGuardz has got you covered!

What’s so great about BodyGuardz?  Well the material used to protect the front of automobiles from rocks and other road debris is used to protect your phone from nicks and scratches!  In fact, just this month they introduced a new way to protect your device without using any spray adhesive, their new dry apply allows for the same protection without the hassle of having to spray the adhesive!  Read the full press release about their dry apply after the jump, along with how to enter into this contest!

To enter into this contest be sure to leave a Comment on this post and post mentioning what device you’d be protecting with your BodyGuardz. AND ReTweet @BBEMPIRE

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Breakthrough Technology Protects Devices from Scratches, Nicks Without the Use of Water

DRAPER, UT – (December, 2010) – NLU Products, a leader in the device protection market, introduces BodyGuardz Dry Apply for today’s most popular electronic gadgets and smart phones. BodyGuardz Dry Apply is one of the first available full-body protective films featuring a liquid-free adhesive.

NLU Products developed the BodyGuardz line of protective films to protect hundreds of gadgets without the use of bulky cases, which can change the sleek appearance and impair the functionalities of devices. BodyGuardz Dry Apply now offers consumers a way to safeguard their devices from scratches and nicks with the same industry-leading BodyGuardz material – indestructible film typically used to shield the fronts of automobiles from abrasive elements and environmental impact – without the use of any water.

BodyGuardz Dry Apply features a specially formulated adhesive that allows the BodyGuardz film to dry quickly without any liquid. The films are easy to apply, are repositionable before they set and leave no sticky residue if removed.  Only 8 mil thick, BodyGuardz Dry Apply provides exceptional scratch protection that is UV-resistant and immediately appears clear because there is no liquid needed to dry during application.

“While the current application of BodyGuardz is completely safe to use on gadgets, we recognized that many customers would like a solution that doesn’t use water on their new electronics,” said Kirk Feller, president and CEO of NLU Products.  “Keeping in mind our customers’ preferences, we created BodyGuardz Dry Apply for people who want unmatched full-body device protection without the use of a liquid.”

Specially designed to maintain optical clarity and durability without interfering with touch-screen functionality, BodyGuardz Dry Apply is essential for devices with large screens. The patent-pending application process features an adhesive that uses an anti-microbial mold inhibitor and anti-corrosion compound that is mixed directly into the product formula, providing easy-to-apply, instantly clear, scratch-proof device protection.  As with all BodyGuardz products, BodyGuardz Dry Apply are made from the highest quality material available.

All BodyGuardz protectors are safe to use on any gadget and are backed by the BodyGuardz Advantage program that includes a lifetime replacement program, two custom-fit protective skins and complete application instructions.

BodyGuardz Dry Apply products range from MSRP $14.95 to $24.95 and are available at

About NLU Products

NLU Products, L.L.C. was founded in 2002 and is committed to offering top quality products and services at a reasonable price. The company prides itself in delivering products and providing service and delivery that customers notice is a step above the rest. Kirk Feller, President of NLU Products, has a simple philosophy: Listen to customers, provide top quality protectors, fulfill orders quickly and efficiently and do it all at a price everyone can afford. NLU Products has developed the popular ScreenGuardz brand mobile device screen protectors, as well as BodyGuardz brand scratch-proof, transparent mobile device protectors, and TatSkinz, protectors with custom designs for phone personalization.

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