First Holiday Giveaway Winner Announced!

The day has come to announce the winner of our first holiday giveaway. The Liaison has filmed the entire process so watch as he unfolds the winner to a brand new GSM Bold OEM external battery charger along with a new OEM BlackBerry M-S1 Standard Lithium-Polymer battery.Thanks to all who participated, unfortunately there can only be one winner.  Don’t be discouraged, there are still two more contests running plus a few more coming this week. Head here for your chance to win a +DX1 external charger + battery for your device. Also, get wrapped up with a free bodyguardz scratch-proof skin for your BlackBerry here. Enough of me, let’s see who the winner is for this contest.

Click here to view in Mobile

Congrats to Tashanna, username tfrankson. You are the winner to Holiday giveaway #1. Keep on the lookout for an email from us, asking for your shipping info. The item will ship tomorrow, Monday Dec. 20th so hopefully your gift will be in by X-mas time. Now you can enjoy your holidays knowing your bb will always have juice 24/7. Congrats tfrankson and a big thanks to everyone who participated. Keep checking back at BlackBerry Empire for more coverage and prizes. Happy holidays!