Hard Candy by MMMOOO Makes My BlackBerry Bold 9930 Even Sweeter

I know, I know. You are reading this and saying, “JayDee, where in blazes have you been?” Easy answer. Theme developers stopped making many themes for my 9650 and then JayDee got the itch to upgrade. And well, here I am with a brand spanking new BlackBerry Bold 9930…a sweet device. It is made even sweeter with a new theme (finally themes to review!!!) by MMMOOO called Hard Candy. When I saw this in the BBE Superstore, I couldn’t wait to try it on! A girl can never have too many themes, you know.

Hard Candy home screen...a default theme for OS7

Hard Candy is a default theme for the OS7 devices. While I am learning to like default themes for their simplicity and speed, I find this theme to have an even nicer touch. The 3D icons are extremely cool. The stock icons are transformed into little bits of candy; colorful and plentiful.

The carbon wallpaper is certainly gender neutral and sleek-looking. I was disappointed however, that I couldn’t use any of my own wallpaper with the theme. I have a pretty extensive collection of over 8000 wallpapers and I’m sure I could create a nice combination. Likewise, I was not able to put BerryWeather on the home screen of my phone using this theme either.

Hard Candy by MMMOOO . This is the Media folder set of icons.

I am a fan of custom themes; that is no secret. I enjoy changing things around on my home screen. This theme is set with the stark black wallpaper which make the candy-colored icons pop. If you are a fan of  plain wallpaper and plenty of icons, then this is your theme. If you like to experiment with one or more rows of colorful 3D icons, then try some Hard Candy by MMMOOO.

The theme is available here at our BBE store for just $ 0.99 . The OS6 version has a larger clock, so make sure you know which OS version you need when purchasing this theme. The colors are bright and eye-catching. All the theme icons are re-made into the candy icon set and they are very unusual. Make your device sweeter and try some Hard Candy!

Three rows of Hard Candy icons.