GreenSprout Shares: Different Options For Financing A Big Purchase

Financial tips by GreenSprout

Making a significant purchase is something that almost everyone does. Because human needs and desires are insatiable, the choice to make such a purchase would inevitably pop up from time to time.

Whether it’s a desire to buy a new automobile, a new house, expensive clothing, or simply paying for a vacation, they all require a large amount of money to make them a reality, which brings the question of how to finance such expenditures.

Below are some options GreenSprout has recommended to help you get the big purchase you have been planning for.

Dip into the savings

It’s vital to check out whether you have enough money in your savings to make the buy before going out looking for other ways to finance it.

Sometimes, the money you’ve saved will be just enough to make the purchase, sparing you the stress of hunting for other possibilities and allowing you to avoid incurring debt in the process.

However, only those with solid saving habits are qualified to use this option because they would have amassed a significant saved-up fund over time.

loan tips by GreenSprout


A personal loan is your next best option for financing a significant purchase. Most financial institutions provide various personal loans for every purchase you might ever want to make.

Such loans come with different interest rates and loan repayment terms in years which you should thoroughly analyze before signing the agreement.

The experts at GreenSrpout shared a few factors needed to obtain personal loans, including a high credit score, proof of employment, and collateral to prevent payment default.

If you decide to go this route, check out other financial institutions to see where you can receive the lowest interest rate and the fewest restrictions on payment schedules.

Installment payments

Alternatively, if getting a loan seems like a deal-breaker, you can agree to pay for the purchase in installments. The purchase price is broken up into small payments over several months with a little to a lot of interest depending on the seller and the item being purchased.

However, similar to when applying for a loan, the vendor will ask for a lot of personal data. This is necessary to maintain a regular flow of communication and verify your financial ability to make the required payments when due.

GreenSprout crowd funding strategies


Although the idea of crowdfunding is more popular with businesses and start-ups, you can utilize it as a way to leverage the generosity of others and raise the money for your significant purchase.

However, it is best kept to friends, co-workers, and family members while excluding outsiders because it is for personal interest and not for emergency or medical reasons.

To use this means, you should create an account on a crowdfunding platform like GoFundMe, Indiegogo, or Kickstarter. The next step is to set up a fundraising page and distribute the link.

Even if you get only some of the money you need, you’ll probably get enough to add to your savings and buy what you need.