Google Popup Pro – Menu Google Search

Searching any text in Google have never been this easy. Using Google Popup you can search any selected text in any Email, SMS, BBM™ chat, Gtalk, Facebook or Twitter with the menu item of Google Popup.

* Must have app for all
* A Time Saver tool for busy individuals
* Fast and Easy Google search
* Convenient menu item of “Google Popup”
* Saves time, as you don’t have to copy and then paste in browser to search any text.

How to use:
1) Select desired text — open menu options — click on Google Popup — (text automatically added to the popup) — hit search and view results in browser.

2) open menu items — click on Google Popup — enter any text — hit search button to view google search results in browser

You can always use the back button to edit the text and search again.

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