Updated with winners: Get Power Tools from Toysoft Development FREE during this giveaway (Enter now)


Many of you have probably seen our posts about my favorite BlackBerry 10 app called Power Tools from Toysoft Development. Well BlackBerry Empire and Toysoft have decided to do a giveway which will allow 10 of you to check out this great and very powerful app for FREE. The are a few things you will need to do to be eligible, but they are very simple.



For any of you that may not have heard of Power Tools before here’s some of the features found in the app.

  • LED Support – BBM, BBM Contacts, WhatsApp, Blaq, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Missed Call and many others. Power Tools is the ONLY application that supports LED BBM Contacts.
  • Flip Hush to quickly silent your device – Perfect for meetings or any other time you may need the device to be silent is a hurry.
  • “The Wave” – Wave at the top of the BlackBerry to stop the LED and ringtone. Do not need to ever touch your device. Perfect if you are in the meeting.
  • New Repeat for LED – You can set repeating LED from 5 mins to 30 minutes.
  • Schedule to turn on WiFi – Set up a schedule to turn on WiFi automatically (turning WiFi off automatically still not available due to API issues).
  • System Event Sounds for v2.0 – Play a sound for system events such as lock screen, charging and system reset.
  • Geofencing – Change sound profile when you arrival or leave a location.
  • Schedule SMS and Email – Set up a scheduled SMS or Email to be sent anytime you want.
  • Holster support – Change system sound profile when holstered and unholster.
  • Encryption – Use BlackBerry’s FIPS certified powerful AES encryption library to secure your files.
  • Message Blocker – The best and complete message blocker for BB10. Block Text and Email. Detail log file to keep track of blocked messages. You can view and delete the log file. Even block email messages base on Language of the message.
  • Active Frame – Display battery and memory info in Active Frame. Also shows battery charging information, like time to fully charged (Headless version does not have this feature).
  • Alarm – Create custom alarms for daily, weekdays and weekly.
  • Bluetooth – Control when to turn on and off Bluetooth daily, weekdays and weekly. Schedule multiple Bluetooth events.
  • LED Color – Add color LED to incoming Text, Email, Facebook LinkedIn, Twitter or Accounts. Customize LED for contacts with vibrate and ringtone. Over 25 different color combinations to use. Set contact or account to VIP status so that you will never miss their text or email. VIP will blink and play the ringtone regardless what the system notification is set to.
  • Screen Lock – Add custom sounds when screen is locked, unlocked and password locked. Have a custom password lock wallpaper.
  • Phone Call – Add custom LED color for all incoming calls, vibrate on call connect and disconnect.
  • Sound Profile – Schedule and manage system sound profiles. Turn system sound to vibrate or silent at nights, normal in the morning, set vibrate at the office, silent at church on Sundays, alerts off for weekly staff meeting etc… sound profile switching is automated.
  • Wallpaper – Set custom wallpaper on every minute, 5 minutes up to 8 hours, set time to change only daily, weekdays or weekly. Chose a picture folder to randomly or sequentially change pictures. The annoying toast message is no longer visible. Power Tools will not change wallpaper if you are using your device. It will delay the wallpaper change until the screen goes off. At odd times you will may still see the annoying message when you turn on the device but only odd times (like when your device goes to sleep and you wake it up instantly as the wallpaper is in the middle of changing it).
  • Picture Resize – Resize a single picture from the pictures, file manager or any apps that has share or open In feature. When resizing you can select many different sizes to resizethe picture like screen size, percentage and predefined sizes.
  • File Shredder – The ultimate personal security. When you delete a file from the pictures or file manager app the content is not erased therefore it is possible to recover the deleted file and view the content. By shredding the file it would make it impossible to recover the content.
  • Battery Information – Gives you detail information on the current battery status such as percentage, usage before empty, charging information such as time to fully charged and more.

Note: There are a few features that require the headless version which means you need OS 10.2.1 and higher.


Now that you all know about the app and the great features it has, here are the rules and requirements to be eligible in the giveaway.

  • Leave a comment below with your thoughts about Power Tools.
  • Share this contest link on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or some other social media account (just share on the accounts you have).
  • Now here is the VERY IMPORTANT REQUIREMENT. Unfortunately due to the developers still not able to create coupon codes for giveaways YOU MUST purchase the app first and then Toysoft Development will reimburse you the full purchase price via PayPay. We all know this way isn’t ideal but until BlackBerry fully implements the coupons (or maybe bring back gifting) this is the only way.
  • This giveaway will end on March 31st and we will announce the winners April 1st.

UPDATE: Okay folks here are the winners of this GREAT app from Toysoft Development.

1. brother
2. Jay Still
3. Steph
4. nhungkhai1910
5. mattenang
6. FunkyDread
7. Will
8. ihsan
9. AnonyQ
10. TrungDam

Also folks just to remind you, as we said in the original contest post you need to purchase the app first and then the full purchase price will be refunded through PayPay.

If you see your name in the list (and understand the VERY IMPORTANT REQUIREMENT ) send an email to john@blackberryempire.com or add me on BBM 33439C27 and I will let you know the steps to grabbing the Power Tools app. Make sure when you contact me to let me know which person you are from the list above.

Congrats to all the winners, and for any of you that didn’t win this time don’t worry because we will be having many more giveaways here at BlackBerry Empire.

As we mentioned earlier we will be giving this app away to 10 lucky winners so make sure you understand all the requirements. As always when we have a giveaway we would like to thank the developer for giving their app away, so major THANKS to Toysoft development for allowing this giveaway to happen. To check out all the info about Power Tools or if you just want to support the developer and purchase the app head on over to BlackBerry World now.