A Frustrated India Goes After Google and Skype

India will be RIMs poster child for security. They keep trying and trying, and have failed at cracking BlackBerry security. RIM said it does not have the keys necessary to offer to Indian security agencies that would help decode emails. India, which along with several other countries has expressed concerns that BlackBerry services could be used to stir political or social instability, had threatened BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion with a ban if it were denied access to data. Well so far, RIM hasn’t given up. In fact, there is nothing to give up. RIM can’t give keys it does not have. It has been noted that India has shown some concern and frustration by them sending notices to Google and Skype to set up servers in India and allow full monitoring of communication, government officials have said.
They are backing off of RIM slowly, and targeting others, so it will be be interesting to see how far this goes

Via Reuters