Fresco OS7 by Pootermobile is a Work of Art for Your BlackBerry Phone

It’s finally happened! The World of Pootermobile has released a new theme for BlackBerry OS7 phones called Fresco OS7. It is a theme in the default style for OS7 (in the absence of Theme Builder 7) but Fresco is hardly ordinary. Indeed, it is a work of art for your phone. Take a look at these screen shots.

Fresco by Pootermobile with user wallpaper


If you look at the screen shot, the most obvious feature is the banner box at the top of the home screen. The crisp, clean lines and the battery ribbon that curls gracefully around one corner let you know that this is no ordinary OS7 default theme.  To the right is the weather slot. A weather slot, she said! Yes!

Fresco with user wallpaper


The additional meters and icons on the home screen are the profiles icon to the left and the search icon to the right in the notification bar. The icons are custom on this theme and very polished. This is a theme that was painstakingly crafted. Take a look at the icons on my All tray.

All tray with custom icons


If you are tired of waiting for Theme Builder 7 and custom themes to hit for your 99xx series phone, jump on this one! This theme, while keeping the default style operation, features a very classy home screen which is a breath of fresh air for your BlackBerry. The highlights are default blue and user selectable fonts prevail! Yay! love being able to use my own fonts with themes. Then I can actually READ the menus.

Fresco OS7 with user wallpaper


If you want to set the OCD slot, move the desired icon into slot 19 on your app screen. Then it may take a reboot to get the change to stick. Mine seemed to change instantly but one of the faults of no TB7 may necessitate a reboot in order for the OCD icon to switch to your slot 19 icon.

It’s smooth! No lag! Stylish! Has a weather slot (slot 19)! Don’t wait! Add a work of art to your BlackBerry phone. Grab Fresco OS7 by Pootermobile. Available here for $1.99 for 99xx phones.

Fresco OS7 by Pootermobile with user wallpaper