Forum Friday: Theme Review Android 2day By Adastra Design Studio

How about every Friday we pull something special from the forum and share it with you here at the blog? Sounds good to me! For our first BBE Forum Friday we bring to you a theme review by our forums manager markaveli420. Read more for Android 2day Theme Review  By Adastra Design Studio

Android 2day is an Android style theme combined with a today style application. Made by Adastra Design Studio. It is defiantly a custom theme based on how the icons and everything is arranged and having a today style calander at the bottom. Android style flip clock in center (just looks doesn’t actually flip). Battery and signal level shown on home screen is displayed near the center of the screen under the clock. Directly to the right of the clock is an weather application slot. Having the weather application dock next to the time is really convenient for the user of the theme.

Transparent icons when icon is selected and flashes just like the HTC Blueberry theme which is also made by Adastra Design Studio. Note: for OS 6 some icon may not change due to software restriction in OS 6. Depending on which device you have this theme will have different arrangements. For 9700 version the icons are on top and around the left and right sides. On a different version shown on the mobihand store shows icons going across the top and bottom of the screen. New message indicator is shown under the clock. Another thing that will vary is amount of icons on the home screen, depending on which device you have it can range from 8-11 icons. For the 9700 version it has 10 icons total on the home screen. The default wallpaper is blue with water drops on it. I like the default wallpaper I think it looks cool and very realistic. The wallpaper is perfect for this themes color scheme.

I didn’t experience any sluggishness or lagging while I was reviewing this theme. Navigating across the entire theme is quick and responsive. No SVG coding was used with this theme. Another good thing about the Android 2day theme is no battery loss. Maximum optimization to prevent memory leaks. Overall the theme runs fast and smoothly.

Selection colors: are a turquoise for listed items/options (in options its blue after you are within the options example below), the today style calander, messages, and icons on the menu screen. For the home screen the selection color is animated showing the transparent white which blinks/flashes when selected. The colors used in this theme are a nice color and easy on your eyes.

Weither or not you like Android devices, Adastra Design Studio has created an awesome looking custom Android style like theme for multiple BlackBerry devices. I give this theme a 5/5 rating, I really like how the icons are arranged and how everything is placed in a convenient way. This theme is great for people who don’t wish to get a pure Android style theme, this one is a custom Android style therefore you would be more likely to like it. The today style works well with the Android look and I have to say this is my current favorite Android-like theme!

Price: 3.99$

Available for 9300, 9650, 9700, 9780 and 9800 devices with BlackBerry OS 6. 9700, 9600, 9500, 9300, 9100, 9000, 8900, 8500, 8300 with OS 5

Purchase via BlackBerry Empire Store