First Look: Native GetGlue App For BlackBerry 10

getglue   Developer E.A.A is bringing us a pretty native (3rd party) app for Social Networking platform GetGlue. I had the privilege to have a look at it first, and being the nice guys the developer and I are, we’re also showing to you, exclusively at BlackBerry Empire.Your app for TV, Movies and Sport is what GetGlue’s slogan is for their social networking platform which does exactly as it says on the tin. With 4 million users and counting, I’d like to dub it “The Tumblr for Entertainment” Whilst there may be Web Wrappers out in the offering, having a fully native app does experience a lot of justice. Whilst the developer did let me know that the app was in development, the first look was very promising. Keeping in touch with a similar look as the official iOS and Android app, GetGlue does about everything a native app should. I was able to comment, like, share and search as you can see in the screenshots below.

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The app does include some web wrapping, but it does a pretty good job at keeping it sophisticated and at ease of use as much as possible. GetGlue is currently in development so there is one or two noticeable issues I came across with but that all should be dealt with once the app receives updates. This is most certainly a well done, good start and we it lands onto BlackBerry App World sooner rather than later.