First Look At The Personal Assistant App VIKI For BlackBerry 10

VIKI Personal Assistant

In case you have been wondering about the personal assistant app VIKI for BlackBerry 10 we have got an update for you with some images as well. The app is set to launch on February 28th, in just about 10 more days. To see the video preview go here. For those of you all who are not too familiar with VIKI yet:

‘VIKI’ is a personal assistant with an amazing knowledge base or BlackBerry 10.¬†Exclusively for BlackBerry. See the first look:



VIKI will guide you to help find the nearest places of what you are looking for:




VIKI will be more just than a personal assistant for BlackBerry 10, it will be a weather app as well:



VIKI will also have maps and navigation integrated:




Here we have the first look of VIKI for BlackBerry 10, there is a lot more to it that you will see revealed on launch day, February 28th. Keep checking back in to BlackBerry Empire as we will keep you posted.