Featured App: Message Prevue – Pop up Alerts for SMS, Email and BBM (Limited Time Only!)

For a limited time only, the The Jared Company is offering Message Prevue for only $0.99 USD. With Message Prevue, your messaging experience is simplified connecting you with a discrete pop-up that tells you who’s BBMing emailing or texting you and why. You will now have senders and subjects of incoming Texts, BBMs and Emails – all right in front of you.

The app allows you to customize exactly what you want to pop up on your screen. Select from Email, BBM and SMS. You can also set the background color in which you want your message previewed along with a customized size setting for your personal preference. Get it now for $0.99 for a limited time only here! Check below for the full description with features.

** On-Sale from $2.99 ** You’re receiving messages throughout the day but you can’t always stop what you’re doing. JaredCo’s Message Prevue simplifies connecting with a discrete pop-up that tells you who’s BBMing emailing or texting you and why.

• When you receive an BBM, email or SMS, a small pop-up appears on your screen showing name of sender and subject line. Nothing to open, nothing to boot, nothing to lose. You remain connected.

• The information won’t clutter your screen because the pop up slowly fades after you’ve seen who’s reaching out. Read and *poof*. Gone.

• You never have to access your email folder to see who’s contacted you. Senders and subjects of incoming texts are right in front of you. Sweet.

• When you see the Message Prevue pop-up, click your trackball/pad or press the pop-up with your finger (for touch screen devices) to open your message folder for quick viewing of your incoming message(s).

• Stay on-line all the time. You’re searching the web and you get a text. In the past you had to log off and open your message folder to see who sent what. No more. Stay on the grid. Message Prevue shows the name of sender and subject line so you can stay on-line.

• Stay focused, returning important texts while skipping those that can wait.

JaredCo’s Message Prevue keeps emailing and texting simple and keeps you in control of connectivity. Message Prevue: just one more example of JaredCo’s commitment to apps with purpose.

If your aren’t satisfied just request a full refund directly from JaredCo (PayPal account required).

JaredCo. We design them. We build them. We support them.

Download here from the App World for only $0.99.