Fall in love with Apres, a premium new theme by Xan + Giveaway!

Do I have another treat for you guys!  A new theme by Xan, who is quickly making a name for herself in theme making…she has been developing them for while and I suggest you have a look at her website IHeartMyBB and ICandyMobile for more of her work.  The one that I want to tell you about today  is Apres, a simply gorgeous theme that I fell in love with the minute I saw it.  Apres means “after” in french (the language of love, btw), and it truly is a follow up to Focus, a theme that I reviewed recently.  Focus has  become very popular, and Apres will also.  I’m sure of it.  Keep reading about Apres and ‘after,’ find out how to win a copy of your own!


Default home screen of Apres

Look at the theme wallpaper!  I love it, I didn’t even want to change it, it’s so beautiful.  Notice the transparency of the banners that show the background in all it’s glory.  One of the goals for Xan was to make Apres a more wallpaper friendly theme with a glass like effect on the banners, and she has succeeded in spades.   The banner on the top right holds the time.  The font Xan has chosen is fabulous.  On the bottom banner you have your custom battery signal on the left and custom signal meter (which takes you to manage connections)  on the right.  Aren’t they gorgeous?  Love them!  Your notifications are in the middle of the of the slim banner and the date just below it.  But none of this takes away from your background.  Everything is placed just right for great wallpaper viewing.


Home screen with user selected wallpaper


I love this theme.  Did I mention that?  The dock is vertical and is shown by the 0 key and hidden with the space key.  It slides upwards when you hide it and is so smooth.  I like just watching the dock scroll!   The dock holds 5 icons in position 1-5 on your home screen.   Even the focus little bar on the dock is awesome.  One of my fave features in a theme is the weather slot, and this one is top center on your screen, which is app 6 on the application screen.  Again, of course you could place whatever favorite app you wanted there to show front and center.  It is a hot spot, so you can access that app right from your home screen.   For the hot key lovers out there,  there is $ for sms, * for QL, and s for social feeds.


Home screen with dock showing and user selected wallpaper


The application screen has a very cool teal background and is easy on the eyes.  It makes the 6.1 icons pop very nicely.  In keeping with the transparent look of the theme, the focus is a transparent glass like square that resembles the banners on the home screen.  The teal color is used throughout in the menus and highlight bars as well.  Very, very nice.


Application screen


What can I say?  I love this theme!  It is simple to use, very smooth, and looks gorgeous on my phone.  It show’s off my wallpapers beautifully and that makes me a happy camper.   Xan certainly  knows what her customers want and has proven so with her latest two themes.   And again, she is generous enough to have given me 5 copies to give away!  So comment here on the blog as to why you like this theme, and the winners will be contacted via pm, which means you need to be registered on the forums as well.  Currently Apres is available only for the Bold 9650, 9700, 9780, and Torch 9800 OS6,  but an OS5 version is in the works.  If you aren’t one of the lucky winners, don’t worry because you can grab Apres on sale now for $.99 at the BBE store.  So get your copy and fall in love!


Home screen with user selected wallpaper