Facts About Cell Phone Upgrades

Right now, technology is at an all time high. Most of the world is running on machines and mobile devices. This being said, the most diverse and important part of our lives right now is our cell phones. They act as our primary means of contact, our internet browser, our email, and many other things that, just a few decades ago, were all separate things. Phone companies are always upgrading the way our phones operate. Sometimes we love the updates, and sometimes we don’t care for them. The question is, are they always necessary?

The answer is no. Sometimes we are satisfied with our phones just the way they are right now. Other times we might be having trouble, which can either be a problem specific to our phone, or it could be a technical issue in the company’s system. Every now and then, our phones will prompt us to upgrade, and give us the option to do it now, or wait until later. Usually when we choose the “later” option enough times, the phone will take it upon itself to pick a time and perform the upgrade anyway.

There is also an option to go into our settings or contact our phone company and purchase the latest upgrades ourselves. So when is the best time to do this? That really depends on who we are, and whether or not we like the features on our phones just the way they are. For example, let’s talk about Helen Lee Schifter for a minute. Known widely as a trader on Wall street, Schifter has stated that she only performs upgrades for her phone when they are absolutely necessary. When does it become necessary to update our phone? Again, that depends on preference.

If someone has a job where they constantly have to use their phone, then it may become prudent at some point or another, or if we simply want to join the bandwagon and hold the latest technology in our hands. However, it does become inevitable at some point or another, because when a phone is outdated, certain functions begin to act up. Sometimes it is something in the settings, other times it may be that our web browser is no longer supported. There are a lot of commonly used functions that will become inoperable when our phone is absolutely out of date. This is when it is imperative to upgrade our phone, otherwise we will no longer be able to use it for every day functions.

Also, performing an upgrade is often much cheaper in the long run than buying a new phone altogether. So if our phone is out of date and won’t let us perform everyday functions that we can’t do without, and we can’t afford a new one, upgrading our phone to the latest version is probably the best idea.

In conclusion, it is generally safe to perform an upgrade on our own time, but Helen Lee Schifter agrees that there are times when it is absolutely necessary.