Facebook for BlackBerry 10 updated to v10.6, welcomes much needed enhancements


Facebook for BlackBerry 10 has been updated to v10.6, bringing new features to the app including being able to share a photo from its full screen view. 

Version 10.6 includes ability to:

  • Share a photo from its full screen view
  • Access existing full screen photo options using the ellipsis icon in addition to press and hold
  • Use the pencil icon to edit/delete comments in addition to press and hold
  • Know when your posted comments on public pages are mirrored to other websites
  • Easily access the Publisher bar at the bottom of the screen

It’s been a long time since I was on Facebook, but by the looks of it, it’s nice to see the Facebook app for BlackBerry 10 maturing and becoming a well rounded app. Let us know what you think of the update! Alternatively, if you want to voice your suggestions, why not try seeing if you’re eligible to join the Facebook for BlackBerry 10 beta program  via the BlackBerry Beta Zone app?

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