Extremely Expensive SIRLING Luxus Desktop Clock for BlackBerry at $80

I don’t really know what the makers of SIRLING Luxus Desktop Clock for BlackBerry are thinking but they see it fit that their clock should be priced at a whopping US$79.99 USD. Continue reading for details.

SIRLING Luxus Desktop Clock

Memscape presents a luxus clock widget collection for BlackBerry® Phones
SIRLING is an elegant luxury desktop clock, an blend of modern and classic design

Add the time to your BlackBerry home screen in style.

copyright© memscape
audiovisual artmovement

Easy activate clock on home desktop:

At first you must confirm “changing security timer
setting” (show once after click on your app)

press the BlackBerry button
then press config from menu

now you can activate the clock
you can also show clock on external power
and show clock on home desktop

Purchase here for $79.99