Experience Unique Gaming with 5 Reel Slot Machines BBM Apps


BlackBerry Mobile is among the Power Trio in the Smartphone  technology and much has been said that between the three, BlackBerry lacks the edge in terms of producing great game apps of its own.  The truth is, what it lacks in numbers it makes up for quality.  The game reviews are magnificent, they are unlike a dozen of apps that are merely clones of the leading game. In other words, BBM apps offer a selected offering among these slots games that are definitely unique and irresistible.

The introduction of the new BlackBerry 10 is a wise choice for the company BlackBerry to refresh its patrons to revert back to them. Several  features  have been  added and the games are continually  being developed.  One of the game niches that are being filled is on amusing and challenging slots games.  5 Reel Slot Machines are making a big comeback in the world of gaming apps, and they should invest more time developing games of good caliber so that blackberry could win more Smartphone users.

App providers are rallying for BlackBerry to give them a chance to work with them in order to save the company from its lackluster. BBM today has a redesigned look and is now able to compete with more popular brands. One of these third Party providers is Give me That  App! by Shaosoft is a good platform to search for third party apps and these include casino games such as poker, roulette, craps, baccarat and online slots machines.  5 Reel  Slot machines are fun to play with because of the variety of winning combinations attached to it. The gameplay is simple and the progressive multipliers would make you beg for more.

One of the apps they are offering is Slots King Perfect Pitch. This is a nice game that has definitely a winning tune to it. You can play jackpot slots since this 5 Reel Slots game has accompanying background music that tickles your ears. Remember to download first the Slots King app since this one is only an expansion, but nevertheless it is free.

A peculiar game app  in the 5 Reel Slots category is Robbing For Riches. This game has a cops and robbers theme that makes you want to try it because it has mini-games to boot. The Bonus game would put you into a safecracking situation that is truly enjoyable!

A lot of Smartphone enthusiasts expect a lot more from BlackBerry and believe the company can stand on its own without the looming domination of Android and iPhone.  The gaming industry has changed a lot in this decade and the need to create an innovative game that can be likened to killer applications are what the fans are craving.

Others may still prefer to go with other methods aside from mobile gaming  and go high stakes by playing slots online instead. There are a lot of games to choose from and many offer no deposit bonuses if you want to experience casino free slots so that you can practice before betting with real money.

Whatever your game platform of choice it is without doubt that both online and Smartphone games have usurped the popularity of both console and handheld games. Their influence reach even those who do not usually play casino games.

Though BlackBerry is not entirely made for games and its functions are more targeted to non-nonsense business professionals, with the way that it has changed brand packaging and has a meaner and cooler (and thinner) look now, the possibilities of getting up from its decline of popularity is at hand.

The challenge now for the Z10 is to support and endorse even the third party game developers to create specialized games made just for BlackBerry so that they can reintroduce themselves to the tech gadgets community as a prime mover of pop culture and innovation. If they can do that, expect a lot more to come from BlackBerry.