Exclusive Interview With London’s Hottest Upcoming Rapper STESSA COSA , And Guess What He Loves His BlackBerry!!!


Hey Everyone!!, Alex here with an exclusive interview with an old friend and one of London’s most promising rappers of 2012 , Stessa Cosa!!, He’s a new lithuanian/english rapper and he took some time off from the studio just to sit down and make an exclusive interview with BlackBerry Empire about his BlackBerry & Music Love!!

Hey Stessa, How Are You?
I’m all good I wish I could say the same for the weather here in London.

Describe Us Your Music, What Are The Sounds Of Stessa Cossa?
Well, my music is mostly from my heart. Which mean’s that whatever I say or mention
Is true and has happened. My lyrics are very personal even though I share it with other people
I always hope they can relate to my experience which they could of witnessed themselves in the past.
My sound’s are honest, well not a 100 percent because I’m not walking on the top and ******* on the bottom.

What Are Your Influences?
You see this is the question that I was waiting for and to be honest I’ll give you a little list of artist’s that I listened to
Before I could even speak English.
The Game
50 Cent
Snoop Dogg
Yeah that’s about it.

What’s Your Inspiration, When You Write a New Song?
My life, also could be people around me but I don’t point any fingers. Really it’s the event’s that happen,
I don’t really like talking about it to friend’s or family because it don’t help. I would normally sit down
listen to the beat and write to the vibe of the beat so if it’s a relaxing vibe I won’t stress I’ll write something
you can relax to and get away for how long the track is.

What Inspired You To Become A Rapper?
Being brought up around Rap/Hip Hop it was non stop. I used to live in Lithuania little town called Daugai,
so I would have a couple of friend’s getting my brother some CD’s and I would sit and listen to them
even if I can’t understand a word to what’s being said I just liked it. I moved to London started school at year 4
still thinking the “TO LET” sign’s we’re toilet signs, and I asked why is there so many toilets here.
Anyway I started writing at the age of 12 on holiday in Lithuania. The first song I recorded on my webcam was
“My Gold Guitar” and some will still remember because it scarred them as much as me for life.
Friend’s said the song was great and I should carry on, they probably lied but I did and here I am.

Any Special Gadgets You Love? How Do You Use Them?
I’ve got the Playbook and a Blackberry phone, It’s great for socialising and having a fast way to contact
friends/artists/managers/family anything, anyone at any time.

What BlackBerry Model You Have?
Currently waiting to upgrade my Blackberry Curve 8520 to the latest Blackberry Bold 9900

Do You Use BBM?
Yes I do ping me on
Pin: 22740701

How Do You Use It?
Socialising with friend’s getting to know new people, also help’s me invite people to show’s or letting them know
about a new song that has been released instead of calling everyone one by one, now that would be hard work.

Any Crazy BBM Story You Can Tell Us About?
It’s a short story. A person I know from college was exchanging photo’s with a girl, they both had clothes on
*COUGH*COUGH* . Anyway she sent the picture to someone in the college everything went crazy.
The photo was everywhere and because it’s college the word got around quick. I did feel sorry for him,
one thing if your a man exchange photos but let the girl go first then you know she won’t pull nothing funny on you 😉 .

How Important Is Social Media For You When Promoting Your Songs And Upcoming Album?
It’s one of the main thing’s in Music Or Media as you put it. If people don’t have a clue on what you are doing,
or the song’s that you’ve recorded but haven’t released why would they buy your album and download your mixtape?
For what they could know, the mixtape/album could be complete trash. That’s why promotion is so important,
Social Media is the way to go.

Check Out His New Song: On My Way Prod. Tantu Beats : http://youtu.be/IZlQIKiUVik

Well that’s it! If you guys want to know more about STESSA COSSA simply check out his Twitter and Youtube, Facebook page coming soon and don’t forget to pick up a copy of his mixtape blood loss on summer 2012!!.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/stessacossa
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/StessaCossa
Facebook: Coming Soon