Every BlackBerry Phone Should Have Wishes of Christmas Night: A New Theme by Walker Themes

Walker Themes has released a dreamy theme for your BlackBerry phone called Wishes of Christmas Night. After you see the whimsical graphics and animation in this theme, your phone will be wishing for this theme for sure! Start the season early and take a look at this Christmas theme. It has cute graphics, animation, celebratory colors and looks great with many wallpapers.

Default home screen of Wishes of Christmas Night

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The home screen is graced with a beautiful white Christmas tree, which is the focal point of the entire space. The tree has sparkling animation when you scroll the focus icon on it. The moon is the battery meter and Santa’s sleigh is the signal strength. Adorable, right?? The graphics on the screen stay there as you change your wallpaper. I have included a few screen shots to show you what I mean. What, ME? Screen shots? LOL

Wishes with user wallpaper

Notice the little house, the snowy hills, and Mr. Snowman are still here on my wallpaper, as is the tree. The elements here add a nice touch to your own chosen wallpaper and you still have the cute animations as well. The tree shimmers and kights up and there is a meteor shower when a message comes in, or if you press the ESC key. Try it! I dare you to STOP making the meteors shower on your berry!!!! LOL

Now the hidden dock. As you scroll from left to right or right to left, your icons pop up from behind the snowy hills. There are five icons that you will see only as you scroll. Otherwise, they stay hidden.

Wishes with weather icon visible

My weather icon is visible because I put it in the first position and scrolled to it before removing my thumb from the track pad. You may add 4 other icons to pop up as you scroll. The animations on this theme are very cool. You will enjoy theme as much as you enjoy the colorful graphics!

Wishes app screen

Here is the app screen. Notice the little snowflakes on each icon. Such a neat touch and a tiny detail done meticulously that we expect from Walker Themes. When he creates a theme, he carries it throughout the ENTIRE theme; from beginning to end. You want Christmas, you’ve got Christmas!

Wishes with user wallpaper

Add some holiday dreams to your BlackBerry phone. Don’t just Wish about Christmas, make your phone LOOK like Christmas Night. Purchase Wishes of Christmas Night by Walker Themes from Mobihand here for $3.99. Make a wish on your shooting meteor shower and wish for a more beautiful world. Get into the holiday spirit early by enjoying the animation. Wishes of Christmas Night is a gift you do NOT want to wait to open!

Wishes of Christmas Night with user wallpaper