Equitable Marketing: NFTs And How They Can Help Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Equitable Marketing Talks About NFTs

NFTs are a brand new technology that has been sweeping every industry from music to digital marketing. Investors and collectors believe that NFTs are the future, point-blank. They can be used in just about everything you can think of. 

The technology has no limits, which is why even big named brands like Taco Bell and Nike are starting to use them. So how can NFTs be used in digital marketing? And more specifically, how can they be used in your digital marketing strategy? 

We talked with Equitable Marketing, an industry leader in marketing who specializes in building marketing strategies. Equitable Marketing has a lot of experience with NFT technology and incorporates it in marketing strategies when appropriate. 

They believe that NFT use-cases will only rise in the future, so it’s best to learn about them now! They agreed to share how NFTs can be used in digital marketing, and here’s what they said. 

Put Your Face out There

Parlor released an NFT project based on Donald Trump’s face in a somewhat controversial fashion. The collection features many versions of Trump wearing everything from tank tops to Uncle Sam outfits. 

The conservative base of the NFT community loved these NFTs, and they were very successful. This strategy can be used by other influencers and individuals who wish to build their personal brands. 

Equitable Marketing stressed how important it is not to take yourself too seriously if you decide to go with a similar project, let yourself look goofy, and just have fun with it. 

Put Your Brand Out There 

Very similar to the previous point, you can create an NFT project based on your brand. Liquid Death is a canned water company whose brand is built on death and hardcore imagery. 

They released an NFT project featuring cartoony severed heads, which fits their brand perfectly and undoubtedly built interest in their drink through the NFT community. 


Even the clothing brand Wrangler has decided to dip its toes into the NFT market by hosting an auction. Their strategy involved creating NFTs of Leon Bridges wearing iconic Wrangler outfits. 

They also awarded a winner a real-life set of the outfit through this auction. This built interest in their brand and gave those participating in the auction a chance to win physical goodies. 

Being involved with the celebrity Leon Bridges also boosted interest in NFTs in general. 

Get People to Tune in

The NBA released All-Star VIP Pass NFTs, which serve as a comprehensive package that includes tickets and a lot of other goodies. Using NFTs for tickets is nothing new, but the NBA stepped their game up a little more by using QR codes to giveaway these NFTs to lucky winners. 

The QR codes appear on-screen during games, so fans are incentivized to watch their games in order to get their chance to enter. 

Linking to Physical Products 

Thanks to their Crypto Kicks campaign, Equitable Marketing explained that Nike had been a front runner in NFT marketing. Crypto Kicks awards customers with a 10-digit code that they can use to unlock a virtual version of the shoes in the form of an NFT. 

These NFTs are minted, and all transactions with them happen on the Ethereum Blockchain, so it’s all legitimate and highly incentivizes the purchase of Nike shoes by NFT collectors. 

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