Embrace a new theme by drkapprenticeDesigns: ” Entwined ”


I have had the good fortune to test out this new theme from dcburke of drkapprenticeDesigns, a developer at Themes In Motion.   Like most of his themes, this one showcases a unique feature that will twist your mind!   2 docks, one ROTATING,  that can both hide or show, hidden ocd and very smooth navigation.  When you think of being entwined, you think of being interlaced with something else.  Well with Entwined, your Blackberry  will be laced with this theme.  Read more and find out more about how to join and entwine your blackberry with function and class.


Default Home Screen


At first sight, Entwined already looks cool.  The default wallpaper is colorful and vibrant and you will notice that there is a lot of screen real estate here.  Great for wall paper lovers like yours truly and a majority of the users out there.  I love, love the custom clock!  it’s neatly positioned on the top right with the pm/am showing above it.  Very different, very cool.    I’m also quite  liking the bottom banner if you will.  Custom battery and signal meters on each corner with the date above the line and notifications on the bottom.  You have plenty of room for a lot of notifiers.  The profile icon is on the top left.  Notice the plus sign on the battery meter on the right?  That indicates charging.  Again way cool.


Rotating ring dock and user selected wall paper



Here is another great feature  about Entwined and what will make this theme a joy to use.   A rotating 6 icon ring dock that shows with + and hides with -.  Scroll through the icons and the one highlighted with show up larger while the rest of the icons rotate away.  The dock is user defined, so go ahead and place your most used and favorite apps in position 2-7 on the application screen, and go ahead…play..embrace this new style of dock.  It not only looks good, it runs smooth and navigates well.   The ocd slot is right beside the clock  on the left and can be shown and hidden with ( and ).  What I also like it that it is a large ocd slot in size, so whatever app you choose to place there will show up quite well.  I always use Berry Weather there and the icons are clearly visible.


Bottom Dock and user selected wall paper


One dock not enough?  Here’s another!   To show/hide use alt* and alt#.    A bottom 6 icon dock, again user definable with apps 8-13 from application screen.  Scroll through this dock and the icon focused on will raise and show up larger.  So, with 2 docks, hotspot profile icon, ocd icon, you have access to 14 apps and or functions right from the home screen.  In addition, there are hot keys included as well.  Media = e, Clock = q or r, Manage connections = alt+m or j,   Battery Ex = shift +x,  SMS = $ ,  Profiles = f, andUniversal search (os6 only) = s.  Wow.  No need to leave home screen at all.   You can stay and surround yourself with your wall paper of choice and whichever dock you choose, or not.  Or one.  Or both.  Entwine them.


Application Screen


The application screen is a slick grey/black pattern that allows the icons to pop.  Even the red circle used for the new message notification is sharp.  The menu’s are transparent black with blue focus allowing for good viewing of the task selected.


Both Docks showing and user selected wall paper


Entwined is a functional, classy looking theme that has a unique twist of its own.  The ring dock is a welcome change, and with a small file size, you can’t lose with this one.  The custom clock, meters, dock all make this a sharp theme.  Embrace the change and join in on the fun with Entwined.  You won’t be disappointed.  You can get it here at on sale for  $1.99 only today and tomorrow (so get it now!) available for  both OS5 and OS6 on most devices.  Entwined.  Theme and Blackberry as one.


Docks hidden