Emblm Custom Casing for BlackBerry Review

Emblm is a caseless, customized device, made from OEM parts, which is a proprietary customization process that integrates custom colors and high quality graphics.  The process embeds the image / colour directly into the part.  Emblm is currently in the process of a crowd funding campaign to raise $50,000 by October 14th, 2012 to purchase equipment that will allow them to expand.

The case is pretty amazing once it is in front of someone, and none of the pictures that were taken of the battery case and trim for this review can show off the quality of the casing nor the high quality of the painting technique.  Unlike the normal sticker type applications of similar battery covers, that tend to scratch and fade over time, the paint appears to be a natural part of the battery cover.  A scratch test performed in the video with a quarter, demonstrates the durability of Emblm’s product.

Uploading and using the editing software to create a custom design on the Emblm website (www.emblm.ca) was easy, although, image sizes and proportions are very important.  The simple rule of thumb is to have a very large image, at the highest quality possible in order to ensure that an image doesn’t become blurry or pixelated.  When ordering, it is possible to choose a design from Emblm’s gallery.

The video demonstrates how easy it is to slip the battery cover on and off, and install the trim if desired.

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One minor aspect noticed is that the phone is slightly heavier after installing the battery cover and trim, but this is not something that affects the desirability of the product.

The battery cases are available for the BlackBerry Torch 9800, 9810, the BlackBerry Bold 99xx and the BlackBerry Curve 9360.  The trim addition is available only for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 and 9810.

Check out Emblm’s Indiegogo campaign and help support a great product.  

 http://www.emblm.ca or