Does $299 for a 64GB BlackBerry PlayBook sound appealing? If so, hurry!

This holiday season, many of my friends and family finally dove into a BlackBerry PlayBook. At the $199 price point for a 16GB, you couldn’t go wrong. Especially since the tablet is about to relaunch in February with OS 2.0, which sounds incredibly promising.

Tonight, I started to look around for a tablet for my mother-in-law because of its portability and ease. This happened because last night, New Year’s Eve, I was able to video chat from a block party with my parents in New Jersey (I live in Florida). The big deal is because of my 17 month old son. The grandparents always want to see him. In any case, my parents saw him (because of the PlayBook) but my in laws didn’t (I wasn’t going to lug around my MacBook Pro just to FaceTime or Skype for a few minutes). This motivated them to get the PlayBook and is how I found this crazy offer!

I don’t know if it is a mistake, glitch, or what but if you want a PlayBook, then $299 for a 64GB is a STEAL! The 16GB and 32GB are also listed at $299, making this deal a no brainer. So what are you waiting for? Go get it before it is gone! Enjoy! Drop a comment below on your thoughts or if you purchased the 64GB.

UPDATE: The sale is official and will be going on until February 4th, 2011.

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