Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer? 7 Signs to Remember

Accidents happen in life. They often happen when you least expect them to or when it’s least convenient for them to take place.

However, there are some accidents that can lead to an injury you’ll be dealing with the repercussions of the rest of your life. To make matters worse, it wasn’t even your fault… it was due to someone else’s carelessness.

Now you’re faced with the question of How do I know if I need a personal injury lawyer?

Fortunately, there are several indications that it’s time to team up with a lawyer and pursue legal action.

Here are several ways that you know it’s time to discuss further actions with an attorney.

1. The Injury Keeps Worsening

Most people in the world don’t want other people to pay for an accident in the form of forking over thousands of dollars to do so.

However, if your injury is serious or keeps worsening, then that’s exactly what you’re entitled to. 

That serious injury will lead to several doctor’s visits, treatment, rehabilitation, and a few other necessary stages to try and limit the burden of the injury. Some injuries can be recovered from… some cannot.

Think of it this way, that injury (if not treated) may prevent you from doing your current job ever again. It may make things difficult to perform in your daily life and serve as a setback to you and your family for the foreseeable future.

As soon as you realize the severity of your injury, contact a personal injury lawyer.

2. You Feel Another Party Is at Fault

Simply put, anytime you think another party is responsible for an injury that you sustained, you should be reaching out to an attorney.

if nothing else, you’ll be able to ask the lawyer if they believe the other party to be liable based on the story that you gave them. If so, you’re already through the gateway to pursuing a lawsuit.

One mistake several people make is taking the other party’s plea into consideration.

They will say whatever it takes to try and convince you they weren’t responsible for what happened. That means either twisting the story to make themselves seem unattached or switching the blame on you.

Don’t listen to a word they say. If you feel that they’re the reason you got injured, reach out to a trusted Weston personal injury law firm for their input.

3. If a Car Part Was Faulty 

Okay so maybe the car driver wasn’t at fault for the injury that you sustained in the car crash. However, something still may not sit right about what happened.

Sometimes, it can be a faulty car part that leads to accidents and causes personal injury. 

Things such as a new taillight going out or something with the wheel went haywire…whatever the case, your attorney may be able to find a way the manufacturer is at fault.

4. Medical Bills Because of an Accident

As soon as your injury forces you to receive medical bills, someone is at fault for the injury you sustained. Whether it’s you, your friend, or another party, someone is responsible for you having to receive treatment.

Medical bills are a huge reason why you should seek a lawsuit. Reaching a settlement can help you pay the bills you’d otherwise have to pay by yourself.

Seeing as you probably don’t have tens of thousands of dollars laying around, it’s worth it to find an attorney and take action for the setback you’ve received.

Trying to reach a settlement by yourself is a pain. You’re dealing with companies whose sole job is to settle for less than you deserve. Teaming up with a lawyer will show those companies you mean business.

5. Alcohol Is Somehow Tied into It

If you feel that alcohol is involved with the accident that led to your injury, you should contact an attorney immediately. 

whoever was under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs can be held fully responsible for the accident and your injuries.

Your attorney will be able to pull something together and see if they’re at fault. If so, they’ll also find ways to prove the party was intoxicated to some capacity.

6. Refusal to Pay

Maybe you thought you’d forego hiring an attorney and try to reach a settlement with the insurance company by yourself.

However, that hasn’t gone as you had hoped and the insurance company is refusing to pay the money that you’re entitled to (such as time missed for work, medical bills, etc.).

Enough is enough. Get an attorney that has the experience and know-how to negotiate with the likes of insurance companies and beat them at their own game!

7. Exposure to Toxicity

Perhaps the injury you’ve sustained has to do more with being exposed to a chemical substance or toxic fumes.

That sort of case requires a lot of research and experts as witnesses during your claim. The kind of experts that only an attorney would be able to gather for you.

Sometimes finding experts to support your case can be the difference between thousands of dollars in your settlement. The more support on your side, the more the insurance will be willing to pay to reach a settlement.

I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer: Find One That Fits

Seeing as how a personal injury case can last a year or more, you’ll want to find a lawyer that’s an expert in dealing with the type of injury you have.

Now instead of saying “I need KG injury law” you’ll be confidently saying “I need to be compensated fairly for my injury”!

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