Design your own look with Lex a new theme from Xan of IHeartMyBB

We’ve waited a long while for a new theme from Xan, and what can I say?  It was worth it!  Here we have Lex, which means design in Latin, and design you can.  Change text colors, mix and match banners, hidden dock, hidden OCD, hidden everything if you want.   I’m still loving my OS6 Bold, and with themes like this, I’m loving it even more.  Read more so you too can “Lex” your berry!

Default Home Screen


The default look of the theme is clean and sleek.  The clock, date and ocd text are in a top banner with an easy to read font and size.  The ocd slot for your weather or any other favorite app is in the middle.  Now here’s where it gets interesting….Time to get your Lex on…

Color Option Panel


I told you that with this theme you can design it the way you want it.   Scroll left of the screen and a color wheel will appear.  Click and a color panel of 15 (yes, 15) color choices will come in to view.  Choose the color you want for the clock, date, and ocd text…get creative and mix and match!  Once done simply scroll left again and the wheel will appear with an off option.   Xan takes the features of what made a success of Deja and brings it back to you in Lex.  It’s all about having fun, after all.


OCD Button to show or hide


From the color wheel, navigate right to the center and a weather icon will appear.  This button will give you the choice to either show or hide the ocd app in the clock banner.  Speaking of the clock banner, if you want to hide this and have a super clean look, you can.  Keep scrolling right from the ocd button and a numbered circle will show.  Clicking on this will hide or show the entire banner.  It doesn’t stop there.  Scroll left and down from here, and the dock on/off switch will allow you to show or hide the 5 icon dock.  This theme is hand coded, guys!  It allows for tp navigation without having to press and remember any keys.  I love this! Great work from Xan.


Clock Banner Button


Dock Button


Notification and Information Banners


The notification banner can also be shown or hidden.  For this scroll to the top of the home screen and click.  Same for the battery and signal banner on the bottom. You can show both, or just one. Again, design it the way you want it.  Best of all, it is so wall paper friendly.  Which face it, is what most users want.


App Screen


For the app screen you have a clean look with OS7 icons and a grey focus that allows the icon to be seen.   I like clean and sleek.  And the new msg notification is cool.  Xan puts in a lot of time and effort to add those little touches that make her themes fun to use.




With each theme Xan releases, there is always something new to look forward to.  Lex is no exception.   A beautiful theme with loads of options to customize your home screen.   A lot of hard work has been put into this theme, and it shows.  It runs very smooth, and tho the navigation can be a little tricky with the various buttons, you get used to them fairly quickly.  Having control from your track pad is awesome.  New OS6 themes are scarce these days, so when one as good as this comes out, you can’t pass it up.  Lex is available for Bold OS6 and Torch 9800 from MyBBOTA.  It’s on sale for $2.99 on release day, and then to regular price of $3.99.  Well worth the money for this kind of theme.   Design your home screen the way you want it.  Start “Lex”ing now!


Lex (Everything Shown)