DeNex7 by drkapprenticeDESIGNS, brings back what you were missing on your OS7 BB

I have to tell you, dc of drkapprenticeDESIGNS has definitely raised the bar in theme making for OS7 devices. DeNex7 is as close to custom as you’re going to get without TB7, and with all the options and features this one has, you wouldn’t think it was made with a hacked TB6. I simply love this theme, and you will too. With droid icons, large flip clock, OCD slot (yay!), various clock options, and red message alert, this one you must have! Read more to see this stunning theme!

DeNexx7 Home Screen

The first thing that will catch your eye is the large droid style flip clock. This can be changed to black or white font, and with or without flip. Simply focus on the clock banner, and use hot keys Alt W for white font, Alt B for black font, or hit esc (while still focused on the clock banner) and the flip will hide. Simple to use, and looks awesome with any sort of background you choose. The OCD slot is to the right of the clock, and is in slot 13. You will need to exit out of the theme, and reset theme for the app that you have placed there to show (a known bug on TB6 and not much to be done by that). Still worth the little trouble to finally have a weather slot!!!

DeNexx with user selected wallpaper and white flip, black text on clock

All your other information is on top in a black banner with bright blue font ala droid style. Combined with the droid icons used in the theme, drkapprentice has given you a unique look for your BB phone. The application banner is not transparent, but black, again a limitation with TB, but I think it gives the theme a well rounded look.

Black Flip and white text on clock, and banner highligted red for new message alert

A definite keeper in your theme rotation, when custom themes are scares these days for OS7. Drkapprentice has shown us that you can have customization on OS7, and has made a lot of people very happy. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. Actually I do know what’s coming, and you will be amazed…stay tuned! DeNex7 is available for both OS7 and OS6 on most devices, and can be purchased here at Mybbota 9810 9900.  For other devices, visit Mybbota.  All priced at only $2.99, and well worth the money!

Flip hidden on clock with white text, and droid icons

Enjoy it!