Cortana for Android leaked, tested on BlackBerry Passport, it is smarter than you think!

Cortana BlackBerry Passport Android

Cortana for Android has leaked out so we decided to test it on a BlackBerry device, specifically on a BlackBerry Passport, after some initial testing Cortana may be smarter than you think! What is Cortana? Cortana is a personal assistant app that is tied to your Microsoft account.

With the power of Bing behind her, Cortana gets to know you and looks out for you. She’ll keep track of things that interest you, make helpful suggestions, remind you of meetings and appointments and help you stay closer to the people who matter most.

Check out Cortana in action on a BlackBerry Passport device as well as download link below:

Cortana Android BlackBerry Cortana Passport

IMG_20150717_200953 IMG_20150717_201005

What do you guys think? Is this better than the built in BlackBerry Assistant app?

Download the leaked version of Cortana for Android

Source: Suomimobiili