Content Marketing and Your Brand’s Image: How to Ensure Your Brand is Viewed Positively

Content marketing effectively can shape a narrative of a business online in a positive way. Failure to do this can lead to lost potential customers if negative search results/reviews are not pushed down. Vengeful former customers or employees could be the culprits when it comes to negative reviews. The importance of responding to these and the marketing team pushing them down in search results cannot be underestimated. The following are the ways that content marketing can allow a brand to be viewed positively. 

Try Various Types of Content

Content needs to be tracked in terms of ROI as a single video could produce far more traffic than a video and vice versa. Understanding the importance of creating in-depth guides for professionals in the field and customers cannot be undervalued. Web design is a topic that could gain a lot of attraction due to the DIY website builders available.

Rank Well Online Locally

Ranking at the top of search engines for competitive keywords locally can lead a marketing team to be the envy of the local area. Content marketing is a huge part of SEO as it can attract thousands of backlinks to a single piece of content. The content being published on a high-quality publication like that of Huffington Post increases the likelihood that it will go viral.

Ranking locally will take outreach to local publications as well. Some publications will charge to publish while others will be happy to partner with a local business instead of a chain location. 

PR Pieces on Company Charity/Good News Work

PR pieces of content that are dispursed on a variety of platforms can be quite effective. People read press release websites frequently or might see a headline that truly sparks their interest. Finding local publications to partner with that will publish content regularly is important. Tracking the ROI through each outlet online is quite easy via Google Analytics. 

A green initiative is a perfect example of something that a company can do that is good for hte environment and public image simultaneously. Creating imaging of leadership of the company can lead people to identify the brand with a few key employee/board members. 

Gear Content Directly To Your Brand’s Customer Demographic

The content that is produced needs to be high quality whether it is written or video content. Podcasting is another way to generate in-depth content at a rapid pace. Discussions on topics can help educate others in the industry or clients. Most great marketers want educated clients and bosses as they want them to value to results that they generate. Finding the exact customer demographic might need to be done by a market research firm. Others understand the local demographic due to being in business for decades. 

Content marketing can completely change the view of a brand. This can take a small company into the limelight of an industry with the right content and product/service to back it up. Creative and useful pieces of content are going to gain the most attention. Updating certain pieces can be worth it especially if they show up high in search engine rankings.