Chit Chat for Facebook Chat [Free]

New to the App World is Chit Chat for Facebook Chat, a free app which connects you with your Facebook friends. The Blackberry Facebook application utilizes visual, audio and kinetic (vibrate) notifications to let you know with ease when messages are received. Users are able to customize which they prefer. Continue reading for features.


Throughout Chit Chat for Facebook (Blackberry) customization and preference is a constant theme. Message bubbles, fonts, colors and background wall paper is customizable. There are hundreds of combinations of customizations that a user can apply to their instant messenger window should they choose to do so – of course, the default will work just fine.

Benefits of Chit Chat for Facebook – Blackberry

• Supports Facebook Chat smiley
• Premium product at a low price at only $2.49
• Customize your Facebook messaging experience
• Attractive, easy to use intuitive interface makes messaging easier
• Visual, vibrate and/or sound alerts – it’s up to you!
• Easily handle many conversations at once
• No messing about, just conversation
• Handy shortcuts and tabs to avoid annoying scrolling

Download here for free