CellNinja and QtHelex Now Offering App Bundles via BlackBerry World

Bundles are intended to provide the consumer with more for less, however, normally the person can’t choose what’s bundled up together in the package. Two well-respected third-party developers for BlackBerry have decided to offer bundles to BlackBerry 10 users. These developers are known as CellNinja and QtHelex.

The QtHelex developer is bundling all of its Pushbullet related applications for $1.99 :

  • BlackBullet
  • PicturePush
  • PushProtect

Any applications added to the bundle will be available for those who purchased the download for no additional price. In addition, upgrades the developer rolls out for any of the listed apps are also free. Normally these applications are sold individually for $1.99. Good deal, right?

The CellNinja developer is bundling the following applications for one affordable price tag of $3.99 :

  • Alarm2Watch
  • File System
  • Hub2Watch
  • PocketSafe
  • ProtectMe
  • Silent Keys
  • Volt

Naturally, if one would purchase all of these applications individually without a discount, they would have been required to pay around the $10 price tag. Similar to the bundle offered by QtHelex, all apps added in the future are free as well as updates, however, if you have not purchased the bundle and applications are added in the future, it may affect the price of the bundle.

If you choose to purchase the bundle right away, you’ll be saving a couple of dollars by getting all of the above for a small price tag (including future apps). Some may not interest you, but it’s certainly a better value that purchasing the ones that do interest you one at a time.

You can find out more about both CellNinja and QtHelex’s app bundles here and here.