Carriers Pushing for a Third Contender? BlackBerry is the Chosen One?

Moving into the coming weeks, the BlackBerry 7 generation lineup should be available to more carriers as devices make their way into operator channels. This means that carriers now have to “push” another brand in BlackBerry so that handsets get sold and consumers subscribe. Certainly, operators are familiar with the BlackBerry brand but since there was a long period without a new device launch, carriers’ emphasis towards pushing BlackBerry was rather diminishing. With the new lineup out and several more to come (Curves), carriers will begin to again promote the BlackBerry brand. But do they want to? With Apple and Android devices practically selling themselves, do carriers want to go through the steps to promote BlackBerry smartphones? The answer is yes, says Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu.  Continue reading for details.

Analysts say that carriers are looking to open the horizon to include an alternative to Google’s Android OS and Apple’s iOS platform which are dominating the smartphone market.

“In our conservation with carriers, they are increasingly concerned with the growing dominance of GOOG and AAPL and want a viable No. 3 alternative,” Wu wrote. “We believe RIMM benefits being the incumbent and with now a stronger product set.”

That said, it looks like RIM can be the chosen one to fill in the number 3 spot and provide some options for consumers. A reliable, and secure platform along with data saving services on top of the revamped hardware and OS that RIM has just produced makes way for RIM to eat up that number 3 spot. With some carrier support, RIM could flourish again as a leading competitor in the smartphone arena.

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