Carbon LiveDay Theme Will Make Your BlackBerry Come Alive

My 9930 is doing well, thank you. But it would be really happy if RIM would release Theme Builder 7 to satisfy those theme cravings for customized themes. In my never-ending search for the perfect theme, I have found Carbon LiveDay by BB Freaks.

BB Freaks has churned out a ton of themes for BlackBerry devices, but none of them are flashier than Carbon LiveDay. Carbon LiveDay features the day of the week on your home screen and is available in a multitude of colors.  The day of the week stays on your home screen and allows you to change wallpapers to coordinate with it.

Carbon LiveDay Green with user wallpaper


The Carbon LiveDay theme is a default style theme for the OS7 and & OS7.1 series phones. In the absence of Theme Builder, the developers are getting as creative as they can. And this one is just that. You have the current day of the week positioned on the right side of the home screen in the color of  your choice. The theme comes in red, green, blue, pink, and purple. The top banner also has features that match in the same color: the battery icon, date, times, wireless and 3G symbols, and signal meter are all in the same color as the current day.

Purple version on a 9930


The notifications and menu highlights also are in the same color as the rest of the theme. The color of the red, blue and green themes are true to their names. The pink and purple shades could be more spot on. Sometimes the color is in the eye of the beholder…and I would LOVE to test the themes of any developer who wants to release a pink or purple version. You see, I LOVE purple and pink…not so much.

Carbon LiveDay in red on a 9810


The theme works very smoothly and there is no lag. The icons are custom…in a silvery/white color for all the theme versions. The colors are very vivid and make the themes quite out of the ordinary. Here’s a sample focus icon:

Focus icon for Carbon LiveDay Green


Here are a few screen shots from different color versions of the Carbon LiveDay theme by BB Freaks:


Carbon LiveDay in blue on a 9930


Carbon LiveDay Red on a 9810


If you want something to liven up your BlackBerry OS7 phone, pick up Carbon LiveDay at Mobihand for a mere $.99.
You will be the talk of the town! Let Carbon LiveDay liven up your BlackBerry OS7 phone. All you have to do is try to decide on a color…or two.

Carbon LiveDay in purple on a 9930