Can BB7 Increase RIM’s OS Ad Network?

I came across this article posted by CNet, taken from the latest Mobile Mix report from ad network Millennial Media. In their findings, it’s reported that Android continues to lead over Apple’s iOS by the measurement of  ad impressions. From July, Google’s OS (Android) captured 61% of all ad impressions while Apple’s iOS dropped to 21% of all impressions from 26% in June. Looking at RIM, the 3rd leading competitor in the smartphone arena, they have also come in 3rd in regards to ad impressions holding 14% of the share.

My question is, can BB7 devices help to increase ad network impressions? I mean, think about it. RIM is at a big disadvantage here with their outdated devices and hardware being in line with the competition. Using myself as an example, right now I’m on a BlackBerry Curve 8900 which runs OS5.  The device is snappy when it comes to messaging but as far as for web browsing, its just a painful experience. I’m sure i’m not the only one who feels this way, (mind you that the majority of BlackBerry subscribers are on OS5.) I’m always turned away when it comes to web browsing on my phone, eliminating the chance to gain ad impressions from the web. To me, these numbers don’t signify the amount of smartphone users out there per OS, rather the number of subscribers who use the web and gain ad impressions.

With the new BlackBerry 7 lineup being up to date on hardware, a redesigned graphics pipeline, and JIT (Just-In-Time) JavaScript which increases page loading, can it be enough to help increase RIM’s ad network impressions? Surely the number of smartphone subscribers isn’t the variable here, rather pay attention to web usage per OS. If more users turn to BlackBerry 7 devices it may be theoretically possible  to say that BlackBerry web usage goes up, increasing the opportunity to gain ad impressions. I’m going to keep tabs on the people over at Millennial Media and see how the Mobile Mix report stands in a few months now that new BlackBerry devices are out which have gone through a much needed overhaul. To make this situation better for RIM, we need BlackBerry 7 devices so if you haven’t picked up yours yet, go get one! #teamblackberry.


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