BlackBerry Z10 To Launch In Two Of Europe’s Biggest Handset Markets Tomorrow

BlackBerry Z10 Italy Germany


BlackBerry is set to reveal their latest BlackBerry 10 device, the BlackBerry Z10 in Italy and Germany tomorrow. Europe has always been a great consumer for BlackBerry products, however with recent dips in devices sold last year BlackBerry is hoping they regain the growth of sales and positive feedback of a very solid, powerful device, the BlackBerry Z10.

As Bloomberg states:

Still, investors are more focused on the rollout of the new models in the U.S., which remains BlackBerry’s biggest source of revenue. The Z10 isn’t due in that country until March.

Yes the launch tomorrow will be huge for BlackBerry, but BlackBerry needs investors and most investors are waiting for the launch in the United States which is indeed BlackBerry’s largest source of revenue.

Come March, hopefully BlackBerry has big name apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, possibly Instagram & Netflix as well, that would definitely be a huge boost for the company. Only time will tell.

As for me personally, there isn’t much if anything that I dislike about the BlackBerry Z10, once people use it for a couple of hours/days they would definitely feel the power of a great device, no need to convince anyone otherwise.