BlackBerry Slider reportedly Android-powered, to be available at AT&T


The upcoming BlackBerry Slider will be Android-powered and available at AT&T, according to a rumour from the reputable leaker @evleaks.

@evleaks has an impressive track record with accurate phone rumours, giving the idea of a BlackBerry powered by Android a lot more credibility. He also refers to the device as the Venice, the codename revealed by N4BB in a separate leak. This particular rumour offers no more details however, and does not rule out the possibility of a BlackBerry 10 variant of the Slider.



If BlackBerry does decide to release an Android device, however, it calls into question the future of BlackBerry 10. In order to take full advantage of the Android ecosystem through Google Play, BlackBerry would have to join the Open Handset Alliance. The OHA does not allow its members to manufacture Android forks, and BlackBerry 10’s Android runtime may fall under that definition.

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Source: @evleaks via Twitter