BlackBerry SEC filings confirms two BlackBerry 10 devices cancelled (Café and Kopi)

BlackBerry Monument LogoIn a recent Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing it has been confirmed that BlackBerry has canceled two upcoming not yet released BlackBerry 10 smartphone devices. After being announced that Foxconn will now handle the hardware part of the BlackBerry device business the filing shows these two devices are now scraped from the upcoming 2014 year. BlackBerry did however announce a low-end device to be coming in around March-April.

A source familiar with the matter confirms that the two devices that are to be canceled are the codenamed Café and Kopi which we reported on a few months back.

As of now only a low-end device codenamed “Jakarta” will be on its way. High-end devices internally code-named Ontario and Windermere should be announced later in the 2014 year.

Source: WSJ