BlackBerry Reveals SAP Fiori Apps for BlackBerry Secure Workspace for iOS and Android


Carrie over at the BizBlog let us know that 8 SAP Fiori apps are now available for BlackBerry Secure Work Space for both iOS and Android. For those unfamiliar, SAP Fiori is the new user experience (UX) for SAP software. SAP Fiori applies modern design principles for a completely re-imagined user experience. SAP Fiori UX represents a personalized, responsive and simple user experience across devices and deployment options. Check below for details surrounding SAP Fiori Apps for BlackBerry Secure Workspace for iOS and Android.

Does your organization use SAP to run your business? Now you can mobilize your SAP experience, cross platform, with a series of SAP Fiori apps available for BlackBerry Secure Work Space for iOS and Android.

If you already have deployed BES12 or BES10 and are using Secure Work Space, managing and deploying the suite of SAP Fiori apps to your mobile users is simple, extending a personalized, and responsive user experience with SAP solutions.

What’s more, BlackBerry’s Secure Work Space is one of the first EMM platforms to offer the SAP Fiori app suite to customers in the secure workspace container, and is available for customers managing iOS and Android devices.

The SAP Fiori user experience delivers a consumer grade app experience across all lines of business and devices, providing real-time access to the information people need that is personalized, responsive and simple. Additionally, with the SAP Fiori Launchpad you get access to offline synchronization and advanced security options, native device integration for push notifications, camera usage, memory access and more.

Download the SAP Fiori Launchpad, and customize your SAP business solutions experience based on your business needs, choosing from popular SAP Fiori applications like Track Sales Orders, Create Sales Orders, My TimeSheet and more.


Organized by user roles, the SAP Fiori Launchpad for SECTOR is the central entry hub to all SAP Fiori apps, where users access apps via tiles. Within the Launchpad, there are services for navigation, personalization, single sign-on and search. The Launchpad and the tiles are flexible and can be adapted to your needs. SAP Fiori for SECTOR focuses on the most critical and common activities and are designed around how people work. The following eight apps are available today for download via theApp Store and GooglePlay.

via BizBlog