BlackBerry Responds to Loads of Five-Star Spam Reviews in Google Play Store


The cross platform launch of  BBM is providing download numbers surpassing 10 million in its first day, a darn good sign. However, BlackBerry must fix a few bugs plaguing the release. While BlackBerry is hard at work cleaning up a missing font issue taken out by Apple in iOS 7.0.3, it intends to work with Google on the other end of the spectrum to clean up another fishy mess.


There appears to be an influx amount of five-star reviews in the Google Play Store which look awfully fishy if you ask me. Spam seems to be the culprit here while buzz words like ‘smooth’ and ‘user friendly’ are the center of attention.

When asked, BlackBerry stated they were made aware of the problem and do not condone such action. More important, they will be in contact with Google to resolve the issue. Check below to see what BlackBerry had to say.

“We have recently been made aware of a number of potentially fake five-star reviews of BBM for Android on Google Play. We do not approve of or condone such activities and are committed to working with Google to resolve this. There are also many genuinely great and useful reviews from our new BBM users on Google Play. We would like to encourage our passionate fans and users to continue to provide true assessments of the BBM experience through the proper channels.”