BlackBerry World Promo Codes a Reality

wpid-BlackBerry-World.pngToday I spotted an update to the BlackBerry Knowledge Base listing the error codes associated with Promo code usage in BlackBerry World that we should be seeing in BlackBerry OS 10.1. There have been several rumors swirling around lately, surrounding whether or not promo codes for developers will be a possibility with the next OS update. Well, it looks like they will be…

The knowledge base does state the Z10, BlackBerry 10 OS, and BlackBerry World as the listed environments that will be running the promo codes. So it looks like legacy devices have not been considered, or at least not considered until after BlackBerry 10 launches them.

This update in the KB33305 indicates that these are all developer side errors or interactions. Unfortunately, no pictures (which there rarely ever are in the KB), so we can only assume this will be some of the information plugged into BlackBerry World when the promo code addition launches.

From KB33305:

Here is a list of possible error codes that may be observed when using a BlackBerry World promo code on the BlackBerry 10 OS:

Redemption per code limit is reached – The defined redemption limit for the specific promo code has been reached

Total Redemption limit is reached – The defined number of downloads for the specific promo has been reached

Promotion not supported for this Content – The promo code does not apply to the content you are accessing

Promotion is not started – The promo code being used has not yet started

Promotion is expired – The promo code has expired and is no longer valid

Promotion is not active – The promo code is not yet activated

Invalid Promotion Id – The selected application is not part of the promotion

Promotion Code returned null – The promo code is not valid

Promotion Content returned null – The promo code is valid but the promotional content is not supported by either your device or country or wireless provider

Promotion id or locale is null – The required locale is not specified


There is also a “Promo Rules” button that indicates to the developer all the details of the promo code such as promo time duration, number of times the code can be redeemed, total number of items available per code.

This is exciting news! Developers, sound off in the comments and tell us how you would be using these promo codes.