BlackBerry PlayBook Keyboard Case Spotted Online for Goes up for Pre-Order

BlackBerry PlayBook tablet owners, a neat a accessory has shown up online and by the looks of it, we might see it available pretty soon. The rumored PlayBook keyboard case has appeared over at the Canadian shop, The Source where they claim it will be ready to ship by March 23. You can pre-order it now for a special Price at $99.99 and after April 11, $119.99. Continue reading for their description of the item.

This keyboard and case is meant for the *BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Write emails, edit documents and surf the web with this incredibly versatile keyboard, complete with left and right mouse clicks. The multi-touch functionality lets you navigate through your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet like a laptop or desktop computer. The included convertible case lets you conveniently carry your PlayBook tablet and keyboard together. Unfold the case quickly and easily to create a workstation anywhere. The wireless connection is easy to set up and encrypted to protect every keystroke and swipe. When it needs a charge, simply plug the keyboard into your PlayBook charger, fewer chargers makes it easier to travel lighter.


Are you ordering one? Let us know!

Source: The Source
Via: N4BB & BerryReview