BlackBerry Passport features 3450 mAh battery, 4 microphones, gallery & more


The BlackBerry Passport seems to be more awesome than we thought, we have just seen a video of it, now Donny from the Inside BlackBerry Blog has let us in on just how incredible the Passport really is, the device will feature an impressive 3450 mAh battery!

Discover all you need to know about the BlackBerry Passport below, including a picture gallery of the device.

As far as the massive 3450 mAh goes: “No other smartphone or phablet on the market today has a battery that large.” The Passport keeps going as long as I need it to.

IMG_20140716_131350 IMG_20140716_132530 IMG_20140716_132750 IMG_20140716_132843


With BlackBerry Passport, BlackBerry Natural Sound technology gets even better. This superior audio experience was previously available only on BBM Voice calls. On Passport, the same effect has been adapted to work with cellular voice calls, too.

“There are four microphones onboardthat help adapt the audio levels in real time to my ambient environment and position of the phone relative to my ear. This is, in part, how Natural Sound provides a dynamic and clear audio experience for me AND the other caller. I was curious how this worked, so asked one of our product managers to explain. They mentioned that one of the four microphones is placed in the receiver port to detect the ear position relative to the phone in order to adjust the sound accordingly.”

IMG_20140716_132907 IMG_20140716_132919 (1) IMG_20140716_132919 IMG_20140716_132929 IMG_20140716_134509_hdr IMG_20140716_134545 IMG_20140717_114959 IMG_20140717_115010 IMG_20140717_115022 IMG_20140717_143850-e1405700412716 IMG_20140717_144110 IMG_20140717_144122

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Source Inside BlackBerry & Unlimit-Tech