BlackBerry would like to see BBM running on wearables in the future


In a roundtable sitdown discussion amongst reporters in  Las Vegas, BlackBerry’s John Sims said he would love to see BBM running on wearables in the future and ongoing internal wearable devices are being tested at BlackBerry.


“We are doing some different experimentation internally with wearables,” John Sims, BlackBerry’s president of global enterprise services.

He, however, stressed that BlackBerry is neither announcing a wearable device or launching one anytime soon. The internal device testing could just very well be testing the notion of how well BlackBerry could do with a wearable and if BBM should be running on a wearable at all.

“I would love for BBM to be running on a wearable”

He also noted that if BBM was to ever hit the wearables market, it would most likely be paired with the smartphone and said it was “definitely an area of testing for us”

It’s not at all surprising that BlackBerry is doing such testing, the wearables market seems to be focused on health and communication and one of BlackBerry’s 4 pillars – BBM, is all about communication. Personally, I don’t think BlackBerry should be focused on wearables strongly as much as they should with their already laid out, structured plan.

Source: FierceWireless